Mikozi raises K1m for ‘Chinafuna M’bale’ hitmaker


Online entertainment platform, Mikozi Network, raised one million Kwacha in less than nine hours yesterday for the legendary musician Boniface Ndamera who composed ‘Chinafuna M’bale’ hit 35 years ago.

According to Mikozi Network Co-founder Bright Chiligo, the development follows revelation that Ndamera who was the lead singer and guitarist in Lucky Stars Band was facing numerous financial challenges.

Chiligo who is also known as ‘Excess’ said having composed a hit which is still fresh and enjoying massive plays during different ceremonies, he was supposed to be enjoying the fruits of his sweat and not struggling as is the case now.

The Co-founder then on Monday December 27, 2021 asked followers of the Mikozi Facebook and Twitter accounts to make contributions and raise one million Kwacha in three days, but boom! It was done within 8 hours.

“Through an exclusive interview with Mikozi Studios, we learnt that Ndamera is struggling despite his work being popular in the country. He produced a hit song Chinafuna Mbale 35 years ago and the song is still a hit up to date.

“But it’s strange that Chinafuna M’bale hasn’t brought enough revenue to change the life of this legendary musician and that’s why we thought it wise to call for contributions from well-wishers to reward him whilst he is alive,” said Chiligo.

Reacting to the donation, Ndamera who is visually impaired said he is so thankful to everyone who contributed towards his welfare and has described the initiative as so timely claiming he was really financially handcuffed.

The old aged star then called on Malawians to keep on helping him and others who have done something to the world.

“I would like to thank Mikozi for this gesture. I have been in trouble for some time and may those well-wishers continue helping me. I am so happy today that I am receiving this One million Kwacha today which has been raised in 8 hours.

“I am really so thankful to each and every one for their contributions and the money will help me and my family and I should also thank my children who has been helping me all the time, may God bless them,” reacted Ndamera.

Boniface Ndamera started making music in 1960 and learnt playing guitar in 1968 at Mulanje school for the blind where he recorded his first song, ‘Chiwewe’ which was a Rabies awareness campaign theme song.

The legend who is from Nsanje district, recorded his first album titled ‘Chinafuna M’bale’ with his team ‘Lucky Stars’ at MBC and it was produced by Goodson Gomonda in 1986. The other band members died way back.