Song, video review: Eli Njuchi’s Why


Earlier this week, Malawi music starlet Eli Njuchi freed Why, a song which is dedicated to songstress Sangie. Just like any other work of art, the tune manifests double standards.

In the slow dancehall song, the youngster addresses Sangie as his desired love partner. According to him, he can no longer hold his peace but make his feelings known to the Mai Wangwiro hitmaker publicly using the art as a conduit.

He says he has deep feelings for Sangie which dates back to his primary school days but feels compelled to make it known to her at the moment following numerous unsuccessful attempts to get her attention in private.

According to Njuchi, albeit the songbird giving him a cold shoulder, his love for her is beyond any measure. He is ready to be in love with her irrespective of his humble financial status and the existing age difference between them.

“Kapena mwina chifukwa ndine mwana Sangie? Sizikugwirizana Sangie, mesa tizikondana (Have you been ignoring because am younger than you? That is not an issue as long as we love each other,” sounds part of the why

The song addresses a number of themes in a creative way that calls for a crap. The fashion in which the lad has addressed the dominant theme of love paints a vivid picture of his deep feelings towards his dream woman.

Although he has used extravagant exaggeration in his expression of feelings, his message is clear. One doesn’t need rigorous explanations to understand that the boy is in love.

The other part of the song positions women as a gender whose love is based on some conditions which are hard to fulfill. This is exposed where he says that he falls short of the financial muscle to sustain a woman’s life but he loves her.

On the visual part, a good job has been done by the youthful video director who answers to the name Vinny Visuals. The video shows Elli Njuchi in a room alone writing the letter to Sangie in expression of the feelings he has for her.

However, there is no room for Sangie in the video. By accommodating the female vocalist in the song, the audience could have had a clear picture about a woman who gives him sleepless nights. If not Sangie, the video was supposed to accommodate a female model.

All in all, the song and its video have been wonderfully crafted. The confidence in the singer’s vocals, the good articulation of his feelings and the amazing quality of the video calls for a standing ovation. Rating the work of art on a scale of 10, it gets 6.5.