Female private wins 2021 3MR Best Soldier


Rabecca Nkunama has won the Best Soldier competition at Moyale Barracks, the first female soldier to win the award since it was introduced.

Nkunama who joined the military this year, received cash prize, a Certificate and promotion to Lance Corporal.

In her celebratory interview, Nkunama said hard work always pays during work.

“Endurance is the only secret for me, I told myself not to give up even if I felt to do so. I am happy to be the first woman soldier to win the competition since it started and let me thank God’s mercy for this,” she said.

Rabecca Nkunama

She added by advising her fellow female soldiers not to underrate themselves.

“My advice to female soldiers is that don’t be shy and underrate themselves, everything is possible and we can do better as well more than men,” said Nkunama.

In his remarks, Moyale Barracks Commanding Officer Lt Col. Thokozani Chazema thanked all soldiers for taking part in this year’s competition.

“Everyone is a winner, that’s why you managed to reach the end point but among the winners there is the best winner and this should teach us something that if it happens to come again next year, we should work harder to become the best winner,” said Chazema.

More than 200 soldiers from Moyale Barracks participated in the competition which started on Tuesday where Soldiers had to walk and cover the distance of 80 kilometers and while at the same time gaining some knowledge as soldiers.