Mzuzu councilors to elect new Mayor on Friday


Councilors in Mzuzu will elect a new Mayor tomorrow following the expiry of the two-year term for His Worship Councilor Kondwani Brian Nyasulu.

The current Mayor’s term of office expired last month.

According to a press release dated 15 December and signed by McDonald Gondwe, council public relations officer, the council will hold a full council meeting.

“We are having the Full Council Meeting on Friday where councilors will elect new Mayor and Deputy mayor respectively. As you are aware, the term for the mayor expired so the Full council will decide who replace Kondwani Brian Nyasulu, and councilor Desire Nyirenda on Deputy Mayor,” said Gondwe.

He added that at the moment there is no name on the table as to who will stand on position of Mayor and Deputy Mayor position.