Malawians asked to support artists


Minister of Civic Education Timothy Mtambo has asked people in the country to support artists considering that they use a lot of resources to come up with their work which entertain, educate and inform the public.

Mtambo made the statement on Sunday at Capital hotel during the launch of Ndilipo Munditume album by Wezzie Kayira Madzi.

Wezzie Kayira Madzi

Speaking with reporters, Mtambo said that art has power to transform more people and when it comes to gospel music it plays a major role in many areas such as converting people to become better ones.

He added that music has a lot of messages which can build a nation as such the Ministry of Civic Education looks at music as a tool that brings people together as one nation.

“I have been commending artists because they are doing a great job for promoting peace and love. I also went to Black Missionaries show to express my appreciation. I have not attended many launches for gospel music but I vow that from now onwards I will be attending gospel music launches and I am encouraging Malawians to do the same,” he explained.

On her part, Veteran gospel Musician Ethel Kamwendo Banda said that Madzi has shown that she is talented and her music is very unique.

Banda encouraged the artist to always believe in herself considering that music has challenges and it takes one to stand his or her ground no matter what happens during the journey.

Speaking after her performance, Wezzie Kayira Madzi thanked everyone who showed up to support her during the launch.

She said that she will make sure that her music reaches out to many and social media will be the best medium to use in promoting the music.

Ndilipo Munditume album has 12 songs. They include Atate Wathu, Ndiwamoyo, Ona, Glory to God, Have your Way and Konda Mzako.

Minister of Civic Education Timothy Mtambo pledged to buy the album at K400,000.