Dedza motorcyclist rapes 8-year-old boy


Police in Dedza have arrested an 18-year-old motorcycle taxi operator for sodomizing a child aged eight.

The suspect has been identified as Clement Chidoma of Ngwimbi Village, Traditional Authority Kachindammoto in the district.

Chidoma was plying his business at Abraham trading centre and used to play with the victim.

On December 10, 2021 around 4:00 pm, the victim’s father saw the suspect carrying the victim on his motorcycle going to unknown destination.

When the boy’s father returned home, he noticed that the victim was failing to sit properly.

The boy when asked, told his father that he was hurt by a stick.

A day later, a well-wishers came to meet the victim’s father and told him that he caught the suspect red-handed sodomizing his son.

Later, the victim’s father lodged a complaint at Golomoti Police Unit where the victim was issued with medical report form which later certified that the victim was raped.