Mphonongo family, Kamuzu Academy fight over Kamuzu’s property


The Mphonongo family and Kamuzu Academy Board of Governors have locked horns over a farm registered as Estate Number 27 which the family says belonged to late president Kamuzu Banda.

Mphonongo family presenting petition to Kamuzu Aademy

On Thursday, the family and members of the community from Mphonongo Village protested and presented a petition to Kamuzu Academy and board of governors following their displeasure of how Kamuzu property is being managed among which is Estate 27.

Addressing the media after presenting the petition, senior group village head Mphonongo said their clan is being disrespected and sidelined in most of decisions making concerning management of Kamuzu’s property as if from the village is not where the late Hastings Kamuzu Banda came from.

“We are very much concerned as a family from which Kamuzu Banda’s father came from. As a family which Kamuzu himself respected we feel that we have deliberately been excluded from the governance structures of Kamuzu’s properties unlike the Chiwengo clan which is Kamuzu Banda’s mother side which is enjoying dominance representation in the board which is unfair.

“Previously, a lot of property belonging to Kamuzu Banda have unilaterally been sold by the Kamuzu academy without consulting us and they want to do the same by selling Estate 27 which we the family members use for our farming activities,” he said.

Reported by Yankho Phiri – Malawi News Agency