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Football is one of the most popular sports all over the world. With the youth of today absolutely invested in the sport no matter which country they hail from, football has a host of fan bases from very different parts of the world. Africa is no different. Not only does the continent heavily endorse football as a sport, but it also considers football to be one of the sports that can smoothen the socio-economic divide in the society and provide children and young people the developmental impetus they need to take Africa forward as a progressive nation. There has been the highly successful Nigerian football team of the early to mid 1990s, the Cameroon team that shook the world playing field and the world of football in the 2000s and the Egyptian part of the footballing legacy that dominated the playing field in the last decade of the competitions.

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But, back to the topic at hand. Why could Egypt be in hot water this season with regards to football? Because they could risk losing six players in the World Cup qualifiers playoffs games. And why is that? Yes, you caught that right. Six of the national Egyptian football team players are on suspension and with Egypt secure in their spot in the final round of the FIFA World Cup qualifiers after being on top in their group with 14 points ahead of Gabon, Libya and Angola, Egypt is not only in hot water, but right there in a boiling cauldron.

With the playoff round consisting of just a two-legged game against one team, the winner will actually fly to Qatar next year for the next session. Egypt is quite high on the list of teams that could bag that ticket, but with six of their players at risk of almost being suspended, Egypt is truly in a very vulnerable position at this point of time.

The following are the Egyptian football players who might be suspended:

  • Mostafa Mohamed
  • Mohamed Elneny
  • Ahmed Fatouh
  • Tarek Hamed
  • Centre back duo Ahmed Hegzi and Mahmoud Hamdy El-Wensh.

All of these six players already have one yellow card each and with the games to come, they need to watch out like sharp hawks. This is because they might get second helpings of the yellow card or even a downright red card and that would be it for their career this football season as well as for Egypt with their ticket to Qatar whooshing away right from under their noses.

The draw for the final round has yet not been announced but it soon will be and as soon as the CAF or the Confederation of African Football announces it, probably by the end of December 2021, Egypt needs to keep a sharp eye on its players if it wants to get through to Qatar and then move forward.