We have accepted ConCourt ruling – DPP


The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) says it will not appeal against the ruling delivered by the Constitutional Courts in the case in which the DPP wanted the 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections nullified.

DPP spokesperson Shadric Namalomba said in a statement on Saturday that the party will not take the case to the Supreme Court of Appeal.

He said: “We accept the ruling. DPP as a party, we will move forward towards regaining glory and we are strongly sure that Malawians will vote us back into power come 2025.”

He, however, said the ruling does not mean that things are well in this country as many people went to the streets of Lilongwe to demonstrate against maladministration by the current regime.

DPP went to court seeking interpretation of Section 75 of the Constitution following the firing of four Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) by the High Court over the manner of their appointment.

The party wanted to know if elections conducted by a commission that included the four commissioners should still be considered valid. The elections included 2020 Fresh Presidential Elections and some local elections.

The four commissioners, namely Arthur Nanthuru, Steve Duwa, Jean Mathanga and Linda Kunje were fired because the DPP last year illegally nominated four people instead of three and former President Peter Mutharika went on to appoint all four DPP commissioners.

The Constitutional Court on Friday threw out the DPP application following preliminary objections by the Attorney General, Thabo Nyirenda.

The court said nullification of Fresh Presidential Election as asked by the DPP would have had the effect of having the DPP benefit from its own illegality as status quo in the presidency would have revert to the period before the fresh elections.

“We cannot imagine a more classic example of one seeking to benefit from their own illegality than this,” the court said.

Malawi Court throws out DPP elections case