Roy View Banda floored with no-holds-barred scathing review

...I will never go back to him for an outfit


…local tailors are better

…we nearly died of a storm because of his incompetence

…We fixed your dress, insists Roy View

Designer Roy View Banda of the RV design has been torn apart for his “incompetence”, with a customer saying he is worse than village tailors.

Writing on Facebook, Asher has expressed her disappointment with Banda’s work. She believes the Lilongwe based designer is incompetent.

“Will I go back to Roy for an outfit? The answer is No Thanks! This is my honest review.”

Masmbo (L) and Roy View

She has added that she almost lost her life due to Roy’s incompetence, hence it is better to opt for local tailors.

In response, Banda said she fixed the attire which Masambo was not comfortable with. In his Facebook post which has now been deleted, Roy View also bemoaned Asher’s action.

While some people are laughing at the designer for poor work, others are defending him.

“Roy is a good designer. I think he just made an error. Nevertheless, he is very good,” said musician Avokado.

The bone of contention is that Roy View received money to the tune of K150, 000 from Masambo for tailoring service. In return Roy did a bad job and failed to deliver on time.