MPs asks government to solve AIP challenges

Members of Parliament have complained about the challenges that people in their constituencies are facing when accessing inputs under Affordable Inputs Program (AIP) and have asked government through the Minister of Agriculture to address the issues.
Member of Parliament for Chiradzulu South Constituency Joseph Mwanamvekha and Member of Parliament for Neno South Thoko Tembo spoke on Friday about AIP challenges.

Mwanamvekha who is also the former Minister of Finance told Journalists on Friday that Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) and many other AIP suppliers opened a number of depots in his area but inputs such as fertilizer are not being supplied to the depots.

He added that although it is the case, people of his constituency have started planting crops considering that rainy season have started in the southern region.

“As we are speaking now people are planting so my question to the Minister of Agriculture is what is he doing about this issue. Because if they will not supply the fertilizer and the seed in good time, people in my constituency will not have proper harvest this coming season,” he explained.

On his Part, Member of Parliament for Neno South Thoko Tembo said that very few people in his constituency have benefited from the AIP which is worrisome considering that last year’s program was beneficial to many unlike this year.

Tembo added that markets that were opened to supply the Inputs Program are very far from where people come from as such the beneficiaries walk long distances to access the affordable Inputs.

“The issue of network has been improved though there are still some challenges regarding the same. Sometimes people start to buy at 4PM as such for them to travel back to their homes it becomes very challenging,” he explained.