Malawi Ombudsman files application against Kachaje injunction


The office of the Ombudsman has filed an application to vacate an injunction which currently restricts the Ombudsman from officially releasing a report that nullifies the appointment of Henry Kachaje as Malawi Energy Regulatory Authority (MERA) chief executive officer.


Ombudsman Grace Malera has told the local media that her office has today filed an application to discharge the injunction.

She added that the court is expected to set a date for the hearing of the application.

Malera was served with the injunction on 10 November in Lilongwe after she had already started presenting to the press the investigative report into the irregular hiring of Kachaje.

The report, which had already been shared with various stakeholders at the time, faulted MERA board for hiring Kachaje to a position that requires a master’s degree when Kachaje had no master’s degree at the time he was being offered the job.

The report further directed MERA to nullify the appointment of Kachaje and withdraw his contract and benefits.

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