Things are bad all over the world, stop blaming Tonse – Lucius Banda


Self-acclaimed soldier of the poor and renowned musician Lucius Banda has sprouted to the defence of the rich telling poor and suffering Malawians to shut up as things are bad all over the world.

In a video posted on his Facebook page, Banda who is also advisor for the youth to president Lazarus Chakwera has said that the situation in Malawi has not reached proportions necessary for protesting.

“Actual rains fall in December,” he said using an analogy of the rain to indicate that the current protests over hard living conditions in Malawi are nothing.

“When things are bad in this country, you hear from church leaders and Lucius Banda releases a song to complain. I have not, and the churches are quiet,” said Banda.

He further said that the rise in prices is a global phenomenon due to Covid and people should stop exerting pressure on the Lazarus Chakwera government.

“I was in South Africa two weeks ago, I asked my wife to get us a few toiletries. She returned with the money saying things had gone up,” he declared.

His declaration was however checked by others who pointed out that global water prices have not been hiked nor bank transactions had been met with a tax.

Banda, who rose to fame for singing politically charged songs, has had his demeanour weakened after he got appointed Presidential advisor on youth affairs.


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