Malawi Immigration Department intensifies permit inspection


Immigration authorities at the Regional Office in Lilongwe have intensified permit inspection and compliance within Lilongwe and its surrounding areas.

This is according to central region Immigration Office publicist Inspector Pasqually Zulu who said the development comes in following several reports that some foreign nationals are taking up jobs and businesses which could have been done by Malawian nationals.

Inspector Zulu said during this ongoing operation, several foreign nationals have been detained pending further investigation, while some are now serving sentences.

He said among those serving sentence is Mr Mahir Mustaqbhai Patel, an Indian national aged 24.

It is reported that Patel was arrested at Malangalanga by patrol team. He had no valid work permit and he was also charged with illegal stay which is contrary to section 21 subsection (1) of Immigration act,

Upon being taken to court, he was sentenced to 6 months imprisonment without any option of a fine at the Lilongwe Subordinate Court. After serving the sentence, Patel will be deported back to India.

“This development serves as a warning to all foreign nationals who are working or doing business without legal documents that once apprehended, the law will take its course, since doing so is a criminal offence under the Immigration act,” said Zulu

The publicist has further appealed to the general public to be patriotic by reporting any suspected illegal immigrants and also avoid aiding and abetting of illegal immigrants since it’s against the law.