Patients sleep on empty stomach as Chakwera blows a billion in foreign trips


Hospitals across the country have revealed that they are not managing provide enough food to patients due to poor funding.

This is coming at a time President Lazarus Chakwera, who promised three meals per day for Malawians, has been undertaking foreign trips which critics say are unnecessary and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

The Nation newspaper has reported that Karonga, Rumphi, Mangochi and Salima district hospitals in are giving patients two meals per day.

At Karonga District Hospital, it costs at least K3 million per month to provide three meals per day to patients. However, the hospital is facing funding challenges and has resolved to give patients two meals per day which translates to K1.5 million per month.

“We are able to provide two meals per day, which is breakfast and dinner. We also provide hot meals to members of staff so that they come to work in time and don’t delay because of taking dinners first at their homes,” Karonga District director of health and social services David Sibale told the newspaper.

Rumphi District Hospital spokesperson Bwanalori Mwamlima said patients at the 250-bed facility are only receiving breakfast and lunch.

Zomba Central Hospital acting director Dr. Saulos Nyirenda said the hospital is still providing three meals a day but he admitted that it has not been easy.

Social commentator, in Facebook posts, questioned if there is anyone at the top who cares about the lack of resources in hospitals.

“From kudya katatu to patients being made to skip meals in hospitals. The gyre is widening,” he wrote in a post.

A commenter said: “Akuti the Government is aware of the challenges we are facing while they go about their business as usual and the rest of us have to go things like these.”

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