Call him Dr Nankhumwa: Malawi Leader of Opposition buys degree

Malawi Diploma Mill Politicians

The pandemic of fake papers continues to terrorise Malawi after it has emerged that Leader of Opposition who is also Presidential aspirant, Kondwani Nankhumwa, has purchased himself a doctorate degree.

Nankhumwa, who is also the Member of Parliament for Mulanje Central, has allegedly graduated with a PhD from an online Atlantic International University.

According to reports, Nankhumwa has the title of Dr from the diploma mill that is not recognised by the US government.

According to Internet sources, Atlantic International University is accused of producing fake papers. It is at that university that Nankhumwa has literally earned his PhD.

It only took Mr Nankhumwa 2 months to carry out fieldwork, data analysis and writing up of his complete thesis. He can now add to this 8-week period, his doctoral graduation.

Nankhumwa’s PhD comes hot on the heels of another academic scandal that has MERA CEO Henry Kachaje at the centre. Kachaje is accused of buying a Master of Business Administration from Azteca University Malawi branch.


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