Woman arrested after plot to kill co-wife, husband


A 38-year-old woman in a polygamous marriage in Dedza plotted to kill her husband and co-wife by setting their house ablaze.

Dedza district police deputy Publicist Cassim Manda has identified the suspect as Chimwemwe Sainani, 38.

Sainani wanted to kill the two in protest to husband’s plans to construct an iron sheet house for his second wife.

According to Manda, Sainani and her husband Richard Abraham grow Irish potatoes. Abraham last week proposed that they sell some of the crops to build a house for the husband’s second wife.

This did not please Sainani and she hatched a plan to kill her and the second wife.

It has been revealed that the suspect coaxed her 14-year-old nephew to set fire on the door of the house where her husband sleeps with his second wife, so that they could not get out by the time the house would be in flames.

However, the couple were outside their house when the child set  fire to the house and they saw him. He told the two that he was told by his aunt to set the house on fire.

The next morning, the couple took Sainani and the child to police were the child confirmed the plot.

Police have since arrested Sainani and have charged her with arson which attracts a sentence of life in prison.