Devotion: Weight and sin


Hebrew 12:1 “Therefore let us also, seeing we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, lay aside every weight and the sin which so easily entangles us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”

There is a race that is set before each one of us. There is a mission we need to fulfill in life. There is a vision to be accomplished and there is a task to be done. There is a crown that is set before us. However you need to take out the two hindrances.

The Bible exposes us to two things that may hinder us in running the race at the good speed and thus Weight and the Sin which so easily entangles us.

Weight is anything that you do and is making you hard to progress. Weight is an excess baggage for the journey

This may include Bitterness, un- forgiveness, and ignorance of word, wrong company, errors and mistakes, time wasters, wrong counsels and so on. The Bible says you need to abandon them completely. Leave them behind and run your race. Winning the race is better than keeping wrong company. Winning the race is better than being accepted by the masses. Winning the race is better than time convenience.

The second one is the Sin which so easily entangles us. Satan doesn’t have many temptations on a person. There are few sins that people struggle with. For example in the wilderness the whole period of 40days, the devil was tempting Jesus with 3 temptations only that kept on coming now and again. So you need to refuse to fall again to the sin that easily entangles you. Make up your mind and position yourself in prayer and in the Word never to sin again. Sometimes all you need is an action to flee sin. That will make your race easy to run. Sin is a hindrance to swift running in the race. So make choices and sin no more.


I am running my race at the fastest speed. I have left every weight and every sin and am running without turning back. All things are working for my good. I am a success now and always. In Jesus Name. Amen