‘I was blindfolded and bundled into a container’: Emmanuel narrates his story


Malawian teenager Emmanuel Chibwana who went missing on November 1 says he was blindfolded and bundled into a container by his abductors.

Chibwana spoke about his abduction at a family event and a video of a part of his speech has been shared on social media.

The teenager narrated that he was on his way to a bank in Zomba when he boarded a taxi. He told the driver that he was going to the bank and the reply that he got was that the occupants knew where he was going.

He noticed that the people in the car were looking strange and he sent a message about this to a family member.

“That’s what I can remember. I don’t know what happened next, I just remember myself being taken out of the car. My face was covered and they took me into a container but I did not see the outside of the container. In the container, they removed the thing they used to cover my face and they sprayed things, I don’t know what they were, but they sprayed in my noses and all over the container. And in the container, I found some boys like of my size,” said Chibwana.

Chibwana went missing on 1 November and was found on 5 November in a container in Tanzania.

His family said last week that Emmanuel’s case now involves national and international security agencies responsible for handling human trafficking cases. The family also revealed that they were told to keep some information from the public.