I want to work with Malawian artists – Makhadzi

No love lost as South African stage queen Makhadzi has expressed her interest to work with Malawian musicians.

Speaking in an interview after performing at Hangout Festival in Salima on Saturday, the songstress said she is planning to collaborate with local artists as a way of appreciating the talent in the country.

“Honestly I would like to do a collaboration with Malawian artists. I think it will be a good way of showing them that I appreciate them. I must not come here and sing my songs alone, I must make sure that next time I come am singing along with a Malawian artist,” she said.

Makhadzi whose birth name is Ndivhudzannyi Ralivhona also said she will produce a song based on Malawi’s trend Ipatse Moto. She said she learnt about the trend from Malawian musician Janta.

Despite the female vocalist not revealing local musicians she plans to work with, Malawians have welcomed the news.

“Am happy to hear that Makhadzi. I love you, above all Malawi loves you, tiyeni tiipatse moto basi,” said Japhet Kamdonyo.

Wotch Amidu also commented: “Good point, Malawi and South Africa we are one, I support you Makhadzi.”

Ralivhona was among the international headliners at the maiden edition of Hangout Festival. She put up an energetic performance at the event, a month after treating Malawians to another electrifying delivery at Sand Music Festival which was staged in Mangochi.

She is the only international musician who has headlined two top music events in Malawi.



  1. Proud of you, IAM Brighton Khudze one of just starting musicians, support me. But my advice to the fellow malawian musicians, stop shyning on young artist like me when we ask you for Collabo,

    I have been applying to different malawian musicians to Collabo with but they all say they are busy.

    Iam talented too, I think, but because it need someone to push you all over, IAM down,

    It’s my proposal, please please please please please please please please,

    Support us, to be like you. It’s not that we shall perform beyond you No! But we need our malawian musicians who are already known to hold us hands.

    Ngakhale mutamatitenga osatipatsa ndalama, bola mwatitchukitsako,

    What we need is to share our messages to the world, not that you shall give us money..

    Makhadzi! If possible, give this advise to the malawian artists who are already famous, they decrease our art of young musicians.

    Khu_Bouy the artist.
    Brighton Khudze by full name.

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