Malawi under siege of rising abduction cases


The sudden rise in abductions and cases of missing persons has raised concerns over security in Malawi.

At least four people were reported missing as of yesterday. There are also similarities in that some of the victims got missing after boarding taxis.

Emmanuel Chibwana (in picture above), aged 19, went missing on Monday and he is yet to be found. His father said he boarded a taxi on 11th Avenue in Zomba heading for National Bank and on his way, he wrote a text expressing that the people in the car looked suspicious.

The Chibwana family has since offered a K1 million reward to anyone with information which will lead to Chibwana’s whereabouts.

A young man identified as Peter Konzani as well as a little girl were also reported missing in separate incidents yesterday. Reports this morning show that Konzani was beaten up by some people and he was in a hospital in Mzuzu.

Meanwhile, Tiyamike Donda who was also reported missing after boarding public transport in Lilongwe has since been found in Blantyre.

Malawians on social media have demanded immediate action to prevent cases of people going missing after boarding taxis. One social commentator has advised city councils to regulate taxis

“I don’t know what has happened to the young people, but something is not right. let’s not wait. It shouldn’t take lives before we get our act together. get rid of the unlicensed operators, and set up a regulated scheme,” said the social commentator Thandie Hara.

Former Vice president of Malawi Khumbo Kachali has since called on Ministry of Homeland Security to find ways of curbing such cases and institute investigations.

He wrote: ” We would not want to be reminded of the ‘Chiradzulu women body parts’ disgusting massacres. A big no! That is why, I have personally, taken the initiative to talk both privately and publicly to all responsible high-level security authorities.”