Woman in Ndirande arrested for biting own child


Police in Ndirande township are keeping in custody a 37-year-old woman for biting her 8-year-old daughter as punishment for coming home late.

According to Ndirande police public relations officer Sergeant Kelvin Nyirenda, this occurred during the night of November 1, 2021, at Makata village in Ndirande.

Nyirenda has identified the suspect as Memory Mhone.

The suspect’s landlady told police that her tenant went around Makata area searching for her daughter but couldn’t trace her.

Later at around 8 o’clock in the evening, the daughter came home with girls who escorted her and without asking where the child was, Jekemu took her daughter by hand and went inside her house where she started assaulting her child.

The victim cried so loud prompting neighbours to intervene by forcing the door open to get inside. After getting in, people were shocked to see the girl on the floor with blood oozing from her shoulder as a result of a human bite.

Police says the child also sustained some burns since she fell on the charcoal burner while she was being punished.

The neighbours rescued the girl and reported the incident to police who responded by referring the child to the hospital where all medical attention was rendered. Currently, she is being kept at a safe home within Blantyre district.

The mother who has been charged with Unlawful wounding contrary to section 241(A) of the penal code, has also been referred to the hospital for psychiatric examination considering her conduct.