All set for Deft Poetry Festival

Poetry and fun-loving Malawians will get a chance to watch a multi-cultural celebration of poetry in Malawi as Deft Poetry Media brings together local and international poets at the Deft Poetry Festival tomorrow.
The event which will take place at Amaryllis Hotel in Blantyre, serves as a platform for an expressional dialogue on various issues of public interest.

In a telephone interview, Deft Poetry Media Manager William Shumba said on Friday that they were making final touches.

Shumba said the idea to hold the Feast emanates from a wider gap which does not give a room for poets to be recognized.

“The inspiration was caused by the gap which is there between poetry and music and other genres of literature. You find that poetry has not been given larger platforms to be celebrated and embraced but it’s a powerful tool for social change. So, we thought it wise that why can’t we just come up with a platform where poets will have an expressional conversation, expressing what they feel about the society,” said Shumba.

The 9 to 9 poetry fest will be headlined by most talented poets mastering both Chichewa and English recitals such as Robert Chiwamba, Sylvester Kalizang’oma, Q Malewezi and Wokomaatani Malunga among others. Minister of Arts, tourism and Culture Michael Usi will also attend.

In June this year, Deft Media partnered with Amaryllis hotel Hotels to host the golden feast.

Deft Media Malawi is an organization managed by artists with an aim of using art for social development.


By Herbert Katanda