Residents at Dzaleka Refugee Camp facing water challenges


Dzaleka Refugee Camp which has over 51,728 refugees and asylum seekers has inadequate water sources.

The camp which was initially designed for 10,000 people is congested with over 51,728 inhabitants and this is contributing to lack of adequate resources, including water.

Some 230 new arrivals and 152 new-born babies were registered at the camp in Malawi in September, 2021.

Commenting on the issue, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Regional Bureau for Southern Africa, Valentin Tapsoba, said that the camp has some gaps that are needed to be addressed to ensure that the lives of the people living at the camp are in a conducive environment.

Tapsoba who made the statement after touring the camp on Wednesday, also noted that it is exciting that the refugees and asylum seekers are engaged in different projects such as crop and animal farming and other businesses that are improving their lives.

UNHCR officials during the visit

“I have noticed Refugees and asylum seekers are very passionate about many things. They are growing different crops such as Irish Potatoes, Maize, onion among others to improve their day to day life. As UNHCR we are eager to render support. Let me take this opportunity to thank community members surrounding the camp we have seen that they are working together,” he explained.

One of the residents, Juliyeta Mafukeni said that the she has livestock which she sells and because of the initiative she has managed to build a decent house.

Some refugees leave the camp and settle in other parts of the country where they do businesses.

Deputy Commissioner for Hudson Mankhwala said that government is aware of the issue and is working on coming up with new policies and also   reviewing some of the laws.