Malawian national found dead in South Africa

A Malawian national was found dead with multiple stab wounds in the morning hours of 27 October  in South Africa.

The man has been identified as  Ticha Bota who was living in Johannesburg.

Family members say Bota left for work on 26 October and did not come back home. They tried to call his number but there was no answer.

In the early hours of Wednesday 27 October, they found him lying dead in Chartwell North of Johannesburg with multiple suspected knife wounds.

According to the family most of his belongings like cell phone and bicycle were not stolen from him. The family suspects that may be his killers stole money because it is believed he got paid on 26 October.

Ticha hailed from Bokola school, Ndembera Ngwira village in Mzimba district.