South Africa Companies Are Seeking In-Demand Tech Jobs In 2021

South Africa companies are seeking several top in-demand tech jobs in 2021. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, many businesses in South Africa shut down. This significantly impacted many workers and their families. Fortunately, the economy is bouncing back, allowing more skilled job candidates to re-enter the workforce. Importantly, people seeking careers in the tech industry need to know which positions are in highest demand this year. This way, they can properly prepare their job application and interview. Of course, these professionals can also set themselves apart from other individuals in the application pool. Read on to learn about the top in-demand jobs South Africa companies are seeking in 2021.

Chief Information Officers

First, many South African businesses are looking to hire chief information officers or CIOs. Notably, this senior tech executive holds one of the top IT leadership positions in an enterprise. Typically, these professionals set up and lead technology strategies for business and non-profit organizations. For many digital businesses, these decisions are key factors driving overall company success. Thus, CIOs need to understand broader business requirements and goals. This way, they can select the best tech tools to maximize productivity and keep up with the latest trends. In addition, many CIOs oversee data centers to ensure systems and services run smoothly as well. Therefore, they are expected to be productive, fruitful, and devotion. With such a high level of responsibility, CIOs are one of the most in-demand jobs in South Africa’s tech ecosystem.

Software Developers

Next, software developers are another one of the highest-demand tech jobs in South Africa. Notably, many companies are seeking developers with cloud computing skills as more companies migrate their environments to the cloud. In addition, many development managers are looking for employees with experience using top automation tools. For example, many top enterprises use JFrog Pipelines to ship updates faster and automate coding processes. Using a DevOps pipeline, tech professionals can set up continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) infrastructure. This way, they can optimize building, testing, and deployment in their DevOps pipeline. As companies require more tech resources, software developers are one of the highest-demand tech jobs in South Africa.

Computer Network Technicians

In addition, tech companies in South Africa are also seeking computer network technicians. Typically, these professionals implement, maintain, and troubleshoot networking systems. Often, this involves assessing computer systems to make repairs and perform scheduled updates. Importantly, many network technicians work to secure computer systems and prevent cyber attacks as well. For example, they may install antivirus software and update it on a regular basis. Many computer network technicians also offer technical support for clients and end-users through live chats and phone systems. In short, consider applying for computer network technician positions if you are interested in security, troubleshooting, or providing tech support.

ICT Communications Assistant

Moreover, information and communication technology (ICT) assistants are another one of the highest demand job positions in South Africa. Typically, ICT assistants coordinate office activities and manage information. For example, these professionals often file documents, plan meetings, and schedule appointments. Notably, many ICT assistants conduct research and manage projects as well. Indeed, they might create a database or spreadsheet to prepare for a presentation. Simultaneously, they may also support sales initiatives or media coverage. Importantly, ICT assistants are transforming the labor market as they increase innovation and create new career opportunities. Thus, ICT communications assistants are one of the most sought-after tech jobs in South Africa.

Data Analysts

Furthermore, data analysts are another one of the highest demand tech jobs in South Africa. According to expert data analysts, the type of work these professionals do depends on the data they are working with. For example, they may assess social media, sales, or inventory data. Usually, it depends on the specific client project as well. Importantly, many companies are hiring data analysts to learn more about their end-user and consumer needs. Indeed, these individuals often develop data collection systems. Then, they compile their findings into reports to improve the company. Additionally, they may collaborate with other team members to execute work and come up with the best strategies.

South Africa companies are seeking several top in-demand tech jobs in 2021. First, many companies are seeking chief information officers to inform business tech strategies. Next, many businesses are also hiring software developers as they migrate to the cloud. In addition, computer network technicians are another one of the highest demand tech careers. Moreover, ICT communications assistants are critical to coordinate office projects and support overall business initiatives. Furthermore, data analysts are one of the highest demand tech jobs in SA. Consider these points to learn about the top in-demand tech jobs South Africa companies are seeking in 2021.