Chikhosi told to disclose Buluma’s conditions of service amid revelations of K3.9 million security spending

A Malawi human rights group has demanded Secretary to President and Cabinet Zangazanga Chikhosi to reveal conditions of service for National Oil Company of Malawi (NOCMA) deputy Chief Executive Officer Hellen Buluma following revelations that NOCMA is blowing K3.9 million per month on Buluma’s security.

Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has written a letter to Chikhosi who is also Chairperson for the Board for NOCMA.

In the letter, CDEDI Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa says his organisation is making the demand on behalf of taxpayers in Malawi, who have the right to know and get access to such information in line with the Access to Information Act of 2018.

Namiwa further said that CDEDI believes the K3.9 million security spending at NOCMA is an outright abuse of public funds.

He said: “It is against this background that the CDEDI, would like to be furnished with the requested information, in order to ascertain whether or not Madam Buluma’s actions are within the contractual agreement with her employer, the NOCMA.”


Chikhosi has since been given seven (7) days to make the requested information available, in line with the stated constitutional provision and Act, failing which CDEDI will not hesitate to commence legal proceedings against your office.

The OPC has since confirmed receipt of the letter from CDEDI.

Recently, Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) demanded the Ombudsman to investigate the reports that NOCMA is spending K3.9 million on Buluma’s security.

According to published newspaper report, NOCMA is spending K3.9 million every month to pay for Buluma’s security. The security includes four police officers with two guns to guard Buluma’s residence and an armed close protection officer who guards Buluma every day.

Buluma, in response to the reports, said her security has been beefed up because her life is in danger since she is a whistleblower and a witness in a matter in which three politicians are being accused of interfering in fuel procurement.