Namadingo loses Patience

Malawi Musician Namadingo

It might have been a marketing gimmick, or an honest inspiration remark, but Malawian Gospel musician Suffix’ comments on Patience Namadingo has earned him ire.

Earlier in the day, Malawi musician Suffix reported that he was once rebuffed by Namadingo when he went to him for a collabo.

“I was returning from Zambia, had done a collabo with Pompi, I then turned to Namadingo who flatly refused,” reported Suffix.

His post however caught the eye of the intended audience as the Mtendere maker came to respond. Namadingo’s response was everything but calm.

In his response, Namadingo started by faulting Suffix for bringing the issue to light.

“I said No respectfully and in private respecting your art. I did not come to Facebook to tell the world that you always ask and I always say wait,” Namadingo started his rant before going on to town on Suffix:

“Didn’t I let you remix the Dziko lili pamoto with my blessing? I guess everyone says Yes to you. I only see my name that said No. First time I wanted to sing with many people. They also said no. I never made videos or write about them saying no.”

In a cold line, Namadingo even wondered if Suffix wants to form a choir with him. He then went on:

“In the industry people say no or yes. And it’s okay. Making videos about it ain’t the way. I dont think you collaborate with everyone that asks you for a collabo too. You have your own reasons. Chill.”

The Sakaka hit maker then went on to add insult on an injury revealing that Suffix has been on his neck demanding a collabo.

“You keep asking me every year. You asked me again this year. And you are not the only one asking. That’s not accepting a no.”

In elevating himself beyond the success of Suffix, Namadingo closed by giving him rude advice:

“This comment will make you trend this week. Use it wisely. By making this video you have made a smart move I salute you. The attention you are looking for is now at your door step. When attention comes your way use it. I just gave it to you now… The Doc just gave u a big push. I have featured on your post”.