Youths in Malawi demand rich countries to deliver US$100 billion climate pledge


Young people marched in Lilongwe on Friday in Lilongwe demanding rich countries to deliver on their US$100 billion pledge and end climate induced poverty.

President of Association for Environmental Journalists Mathews Malata whose organisations organised the Green Climate March said they want change because they are tired of the same stories.

He added that the coming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which will take place next month must deliver by providing funds which would be used to restore the environment and implement agriculture adaptation programs.

Malata then called on President Lazarus Chakwera to bring adequate finance when he attends the meeting in UK because he understands the magnitude of the problem.

Kazombo Mwale with Pert

“We want 100 Billion from COP26 to be allocated on issues to do with environment. We will present our petition to United Kingdom Representative so that he should be aware of what we are talking about. We are very excited that Malawi is participating and we do not want this just to be another talk but we want to see our lives improving,” he explained.

Climate Justice Advocate Dorothy Kazombo Mwale, who represented the youth, said they have been conducting different activities involving the youths encouraging them to protect the environment and they are looking forward to the COP26.

On his part, Deputy High Commissioner for United Kingdom, David Pert, urged Malawi to focus on youth involvement in climate change fight

Pert said it was very important that students, different organizations and citizens of the country came in large numbers to participate in the big walk because it shows that they have a say and are concerned with the future.

He further said that involvement of youths on the issue of climate change is very significant because the future of Malawi is in their hands as such they should be involved in such initiatives.