Malawians shocked over decision to deport Nigerian drug kingpins without prosecution


Government’s decision to deport two Nigerian drug dealers without prosecution has shocked Malawians.

The two Nigerians, Chinesi Omuka aged 35 and Ejike Enebenchu aged 27 were arrested in Lilongwe for being found with 11 grams of cocaine in Lilongwe. The suspects were selling the illicit drug at their home.

One of the suspects, Enebenchi, is a repeat offender as he was convicted on a similar offence in July this year. On that occasion, he was found with cocaine weighing 0.383 grams and paid a Court fine of MK200.000.

Today, it has been reported that Minister of Homeland Security Richard Chimwendo Banda has deported the two Nigerians.

Spokesperson for the Ministry of Homeland Security, Andrew Nyondo, has told the local media that Chimwendo has taken the decision to deport the two back to Nigeria due to their behavior.

He added that the suspects will be handed over to the Nigerian Government upon arrival in Nigeria.

But Malawians have expressed concern over the deportation considering that some Malawians are serving jail terms in foreign countries over drugs.

“And our sisters are stranded in prisons outside the country because of drugs sent by these Nigerians. Why deporting them instead of arresting them and send them to jail? Our boarders are corrupt and these drug loads will be back soon,” said social media user Nutty Uzeni.

Felix Tchauya said: “The warm heart of Africa, these Nigerians had negativity impacted the areas they were living. Some youths now are drug addicts because of them. Why did the minister deport them? They had to be sentenced here coz they committed the crimes here. They had to be in Maula prison, when they are done with their sentence, deport them.

“This is poor handling of offenders, foreigners will be doing some illegal acts fearlessly because, after being caught, they will only be sent to their countries where they will reunite with their families and of course on free transport.”

While another social media user said: “Are you saying foreigners can’t be tried in Malawi but must rather be deported scot free? This is a miscarriage of justice. They ought to face the law in Malawi, they’re criminals.”

One Malawian serving a jail term in a foreign country over drugs is Estina Mukasera, 30. She was sentenced to 24 years imprisonment in Hong Kong after she was found in possession of 2,190 grams of cocaine in August 2018.




  1. Apite ma court ake omwewa osachita appreciate ma social consequences a milandu wa? And then be fined instead of a lengthy prison sentence? bola kungowathotha komweko ndithu.

  2. Who are the people inviting these Nigerians here? Who is ensuring their security while they sell drugs? Who is supplying them with the drugs to sell? Ask these questions….

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