Phalombe Parliamentarian plans to disburse CDF grants


Member of Parliament for Phalombe East Constituency, Robert Mwina, is planning to give grants to women and youth groups from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) from next year.

He revealed this during the commemoration of district’s International Youth Day last Thursday at Thambe Primary School ground.

In an interview, Mwina said soon after he was elected as a legislator in 2019 he sat down with his constituents where they developed an action plan which prioritised water development and construction of concrete bridges.

“We planned to construct concrete bridges the whole constituency and that we should bring piped water in all the communities as you know that we don’t need boreholes here as we have so many rivers, by next year we’ll be done with these projects.

“CDF guidelines allow us to give back the money to people in form of grants, so we will do that so that we should empower our women and youths to be able to do businesses,” said Mwina.

In her remarks, Senior Chief Nkhulambe applauded the legislator for the plans he has for the area saying most of women in the area are suffering as it is difficult for them to access loans from village savings loans groups.


“Our women will be able to do business without thinking of a burden of loan repayments, through these loans they will be able to educate their kids and make their home adorable,” she said.

Wyson Luka, Chairperson for the district’s youth network in a separate interview said he is happy with plans of the parliamentarian saying livelihoods of the youths will be uplifted once the plans are implemented.

“It is difficult for the youths to borrow money from money lending institutions due to conditions which they attach, so if the legislator do this then my fellow youths from this area will be able to open small medium enterprises for their living,” said Luka.