Kampala trains young musicians


Veteran musician, Davie Kampala, has trained young musicians in Mzuzu with support from the Malawi Defence Force.

The Northern Region-based vocalist and instrumentalist told Malawi24 that he as been fine tuning the young musicians and they can now perform both on stage or as session artists.

“With support from the 3rd Battalion of the Malawi Defence Force, Moyale Barracks Commanding Officer, Thokozani Chazema, I have managed to help these young men who are now able to perform in front of huge audiences,” Kampala said.

Kampala has been absent from the musical scene and some quarters attributed the absence to his commitments at Malawi Defence Force and involvement in peacekeeping missions in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ivory Coast.

The Moyale Strings Band which he is part of has also gone into hibernation for years without producing an album.

But Kampala said he has been using his time to train young people who are now perfoming in public places.

Commenting about the young musicians after the launch of Moyale Barracks Sports Website on Sunday afternoon, Moyale Barracks Commanding Officer, Thokozani Chazema said the army has always promoted raw talent and nurtured hence supporting Kampala in his music teaching projects.

“We have tapped, nurtured and promoted talents be it sports or music so this band composed of youngsters is one such a program we have successfully achieved. If they (band members) have what it takes to be recruited as soldiers then we are likely to have a new Moyale Strings Band,” said the Commanding Officer.