Grandfather commits suicide in Dedza


A 60-year-old grandfather has hanged himself in a mango tree near his house at Thete trading centre in Dedza.

Dedza Police Spokesperson Edward Kabango has identified the man as Laston Kapanda from Kanyimbothiwi village in the area of Traditional Authority Kaphuka Laston.

According to Kabango, on Monday the 18th of this month, Kapanda went to his nephew to beg for money to buy food and he was given but he used the money to drink beer.

On his way home, he passed by his nephew’s house to ask for food but he was denied.  Kapanda left angrily for his home but was found dead the following morning near his house.

Post-mortem results have shown that he died due to strangulation.

Meanwhile the police are advising people to refrain committing suicide whenever they have problems because this does not bring solutions but should rather ask for advice from friends, relatives, the police, church and other people and organisations who can have solutions.

This is a second suicide case to be recorded in Dedza over the past two days. In the other case, woman committed suicide by taking pesticides for her missing bunch of bananas.