First ever safety and security trade show to be held in Malawi


Electrify has organized the first ever safety and security trade show in Malawi which is expected to bring together various individuals, companies and organizations to discuss and share safety and security experiences.

The event dubbed the safety and security trade show expo 2021 is slated to take place on the 30th of October at the magnificent 5-star Umodzi Park in Lilongwe.

Speaking during a press briefing at Bingu International conventional center in Lilongwe on Monday, Safety & Security Trade Show Project Lead Caleb Bright Kawamba said being safe and secure is fundamental to every human being and every business in the world.

“Everyday people worry about the safety and security of their homes, property and their own lives, while businesses worry about the safety and security of their investments, property, and employees.

“It is for this reason that we at ELECTRIFY have created a platform for safety and security service providers to interact directly with decision makers from various top-tier institutions, small businesses as well as individuals, to exhibit the various services and products they offer,” he said.


Kawamba added that safety and security is an extensive field and consists of those that offer services to safely keep or store peoples finances and secure properties – for example through insurance among other things.

According to Kawamba, the safety and security expo will be launched at a business cocktail event on the 29th October at BICC Main Foyer targeting exhibitors, business captains, heads of institutions and agencies, with a high-level guest of honor to be announced soon by the organizing team.

Concurring with Kawamba, Strategist Biswick Kaswaswa said safety and security trade show is an open event that all Malawians are invited to attend in order to see the options that they have in securing their properties, premises, money, health and businesses.

“We believe the people deserve to have access to service providers and their competition, this is an opportunity for people to come and see if they are getting a service that is really worth the value for money,” he added

Scheduled to start at 9 o’clock in the morning and end at 5:30 in the evening, the event has 5 categories including Commercial & Private security services, Money safety & security services.

Other categories are Property safety & security services such as insurance companies, Health safety & security services such as medical insurance companies and Data & Information safety & Cyber security services such as I.T companies.