There is no limit to what Tonse Govt can achieve – Chilima

Vice President Saulos Chilima says he believes there is no limit to what the Tonse Alliance administration can achieve for the people of Malawi.

He made the remarks this morning when President Lazarus Chakwera launched the Presidential Delivery Unit (PDU).

PDU is a special room in Chakwera’s office with a team of professionals working around the clock to ensure the key priorities Chakwera and Chilima promised to deliver to Malawians are being implemented by the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) mandated to do so.

Chilima noted that Malawi has well intentioned plans and strategies but historically the country’s project implementation and completion rates have historical been below public expectations.

He said Malawi must do better and can do better. The vice president added that the government machinery must move rapidly and with purpose in order for the Tonse Alliance achieve its vision of jobs, wealth creation and food security.

Chilima who is also Minister of Economic Planning and Public Sector Reforms noted that his ministry is focusing on vital reforms to ensure efficient and effective functioning of processes and systems needed to deliver Tonse Alliance promises.

He added his Ministry’s work complements the  presidential delivery unit  which is focusing on accelerating and ensuring delivery of key interventions and initiatives under President Chakwera’s agenda.

Chilima then reaffirmed that his Ministry will continue to provide necessary institutional environment to sustain and accelerate delivery of government’s priorities.

“Collaboration, reforming and delivering at the same time, and I believe there is no limit to what this Tonse Alliance Administration can achieve for the people of Malawi.

“They say success is a choice, and it is our choice today,” said Chilima.

Under the PDU which is headed by Ms. Colleen Zamba, there will be delivery labs which will be bringing together relevant stakeholder in the same place and at the same time enhancing in intense sessions to find solutions.

In the delivery lab, a team from Chakwera’s office will work with controlling officers and directors from specific MDAs to make sure that programs and projects in those MDAs are implementing the Tonse promises which centre around job creation, wealth creation and food security.

The first four-week delivery lab under PDU starts today and at the end the nation will be informed about what it has delivered for Malawians.

In his remarks, Secretary to the President and Cabinet ZangaZanga Chikhosi said the civil service is committed to delivering the president’s priorities. He added that all principal secretaries required to participate in the delivery labs will be available for the next four weeks.




  1. It’s good move bola ogwira ntchito mu unit imeneyi asakhale abale ndi alongo pongowasangalasa .

  2. Mabungwe ambwelekete owona chithu chimodzi kungowononga taxpayers money basi. Mwatikwana ndima empty promises anu paulendo inu next elections.

    1. Sorry for your fixed and corrupted mind Mr Rhodrick, for if you clearly see and study Dr Laz, you will see a man who is really desperate to see Malawi moving. And this office is just one way of making sure things are working not for him but to the benefit of all Malawians. Remember Our govt system is a compromised one having people who were strategically put in place by the past administration and these people are working to strangulate the Chakwera agenda for the better Malawi. This office will provide checks and balances which will make all workers responsible for their actions

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