Malawi Poetry Association gets plot from Innobuild

Poetry Association of Malawi (PAM) and Innobuild Private Limited have signed a deal under which the association is getting a plot where it will build its head office.

The two organisations signed the deal on Friday during a ceremony held in Lilongwe. The ceremony was witnessed by Director of Arts of in the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Wildlife.

Speaking during the event, Innobuild chief executive officer Billy Chiwotha said the company wants to empower poets in the country through provision of the K2.9 million plot to PAM.

He noted that over the past six years, Innobuild has received support from various Malawians some of whom are poetry fans.

“So, by providing support to PAM, we are also supporting Malawians who are entertained by the poems from PAM members,” said Mlotha.

Chiwotha speaking during the signing ceremony

He then urged government to ensure that tax incentives and contracts are provided to local companies because it is these companies which provide support to other sectors of the society.

PAM president Robert Chiwamba, in his speech, thanked Innobuild for the plot as well as the design for the head office which will be built on the plot.

He said the support from Innobuild has allowed the association to kickstart the process of acquiring a permanent home.

Chiwamba, however, said PAM does not have a timeframe for the construction of the head office due to lack of resources.

Chiwamba and Mpondaminga (R)

“Our tenure is for three years but we thought as an association it is time we started thinking ahead. Whether we (the current executive of the association) remain or goes, or whether it takes 10 years, we know that in the end we will have the head office,” said Chiwamba.

Director of Arts of in the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Humphrey Mpondaminga said it is important for every association to have a home and assets in order for the association to be taken seriously.

He noted that most associations do not have proper offices or postal offices hence cannot develop institutional capacity.

“So, we believe that the poetry association of Malawi has taken the right direction,” he said.