World Vision female workers inspire girls from Lilongwe Rural schools


World Vision Malawi female workers have encouraged both primary and secondary school girls in the country to refrain from sexual relationships and work hard in schools if their dreams are to materialize.

On Tuesday, World Vision Malawi facilitated an educational tour for girls from Nkhoma Primary, Chigodi primary and Chigodi Community day Secondary schools to appreciate how women are making strides in various positions at world vision headquarters in Lilongwe.

The tour was organized as part of commemorating the international day of the girl child that take place on 11 October each year since the United Nations General Assembly adopted Resolution 66/170 in 2011.

Since then, women’s and girls’ rights organizations and institutions around the world celebrate the day to recognize girl’s rights and the challenges they face as galvanize voices to tackle those issues.

Speaking during the tour, Advocacy Communications and Child protection manager for world Vision Malawi Lizzie Lombe said the plight of a girl child is critical to them that is why they organized the tour to challenge the girls to dream big and follow right procedures to attain those dreams.

“As a child focused organization and specifically the plight of a girl child is of great paramount to us, we joined the rest of the world in commemorating this day and we brought the girls just to interact with them and encourage them to work hard in their education so that they can achieve different dreams that they have,” she said.

Considering that this year, the commemoration was held under the theme ‘Our digital generation, our generation’, Lombe said they also spared time for the girls to appreciate issues around computer and how they work among others.

Lombe added that she easily understands some of the predicaments that girls face because during her childhood she also passed through the same and managed to achieve her dreams as such she is also committed to see a girl child succeed in all areas.

World Vision Malawi Grants and Acquisition Manager Martha Kuphanga also assured the girls that everyone has potential to achieve anything in life but focus and determination are necessary tools.

A form 3 student from Chigodi Community Day Secondary school Ketrina Chimpeni thanked World Vision Malawi for organizing the tour saying they were challenged to see young women holding various positions at the organization.

She said, as an aspiring journalist she will devote her time to studies in order to achieve her dreams.

“Seeing young women in managing positions is a challenging experience to me, if they did it, I believe I will do it as well. It is now my time to sacrifice everything and focus on my studies,” She said