Malawian-born businessperson arrested in UK over corruption

Anti-corruption authorities in the United Kingdom last week arrested businessman Zuneth Sattar and raids were  conducted in the UK and Malawi on several properties belonging to Sattar and his associates.

Platform for Investigative Journalism (PIJ) reported that the arrests started on Tuesday morning, following a three-year-long investigation by Britain’s National Crimes Agency (NCA) into Sattar’s suspected corrupt dealings with Malawi government.

According to PIJ, investigation is on the businessman’s dealings with both the Peter Mutharika administration and the current Lazarus Chakwera administration.

Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director Martha Chizuma told PIJ that the ACB is cooperating with its UK partners over the issue.

According to PIJ, the raids simultaneously started at 6 am Malawi time—5am London time and Sattar as well as his associates were arrested in Leicester following raids at his homes and offices.

In Lilongwe, ACB officials with support from NCA agents raided Sattar’s residence and offices—walking away with troves of documents, phones, computers, and other items containing possible evidence.

A local associate of Sattar —only identified by one source by his first name Ashock—was later arrested after ACB finished the raid.

The raid in Lilongwe came after ACB had obtained a seizure and search warrant for the homes from Lilongwe Magistrates Court.

“The investigation stretches from majority of the Peter Mutharika administration and the first year of the Lazarus Chakwera government. First, it was phone calls recordings and now documents and gadgets collected from his house,” a source told PIJ.

In the UK, Sattar is listed as Director of Xaviar Limited and Xaviar Investments Limited whose interests include property investments both residential and commercial properties. Outside business, he is involved in charity particularly two prominent charities—Muslim Hands and the Lia Relief Trust

Sattar grew up  in Malawi where he is a major supplier to the Malawi government: supplying to the military, police services, Immigration department, prisons services, and others—running a fleet of several companies trading under Ocean Ltd.

Two companies linked to Sattar, Top Prima and Rummage Pace, were implicated in the Cashgate scandal where they were suspected to have received K12 billion in payments for purported supplies to the Malawi Defense Force. An audit report showed that the items which the company supplied, arms and ammunition—were clearly overpriced.

PIJ reported that several arrests are going to be made over the issue as investigations are continuing.



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  1. So mr. Pastor chakwera you are involved in this mess yet you say you are a practicing pastor shame on you resign today and you should be sentenced as well y only mpingajira Tom
    To the UK government pls involve Scotland as well and there many people who are enemies of the country examples
    Faruk gani
    Karim lido
    Mulli bros
    Og Issa
    Fmb owner anadkat
    Joyce Banda
    Shiraz Ferreira
    H Adam
    Farid kango
    Aslam abu
    Hanif chome has built properties worth billions but income tax mk4 million year
    The sattar known as Julie cheenas
    This are some of them they properties in billions of dollars here in malawi and UK and Dubai make a audit for them to prove if the money is tax paid it’s all blood money
    Take action God is watching enough is enough
    Involve fbi as well

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