Malawi Government launches free public Wi-Fi

Malawi Government has launched the World Bank funded free Wi-Fi program which provides an opportunity for people to access internet services in public places.

Free Wi-Fi services have been introduced in public places which include Kamuzu International, Chileka Airport, Blantyre Secondary School and Blantyre Market.

Minister of Information Gospel Kazako said during the launch on Friday that free internet connectivity in public places will help lessen communication challenges people face.

Kazako (3rd from R) during the launch on Friday

“We cannot develop as a country without embracing new technologies, so access to affordable internet is vital. Globalization demands an upward thinking. So Kamuzu International and Chileka airports will have free WiFi,” said Kazako.

Chief Executive Officer for PPPC, Patrick Kabambe, said free Wi-Fi services have been installed in 32 different public places and he expressed hope that the initiative will boost access to digital facilities in Malawi.

A student at Blantyre Secondary School, Chisomo Paul said they are using the Wi-Fi to access learning materials such as books and examination papers.

On social media, some Malawians expressed doubt if the WiFi would be reliable and they urged government to reduce cost of data in order to promote access to internet.

“That Wi-Fi means nothing the best is to reduce data cost that’s the universal,” commented Joseph Majawa on the Malawi Government Facebook Page.