JTI commended for building school block


Headteacher for Msunga Primary School has commended Japanese Tobacco International (JTI) Leaf for building school block and toilets and providing a water tank at the school.

The Headteacher of the school Blessings Kalindeni told journalists during a field visit to the place that the institution had been facing challenges due to lack of necessities at the school.

Kalindeni said before JTl came to their rescue, the situation was not good to the extent that the absence of learners was increasing day in day out.

He added that the temporary school blocks that were being built by the school and the community were easily destroyed by rains.

Water tank at Msunga

“The coming in of JTI has improved sanitation at the school and many learners now like the school. Absenteeism and dropout have been reduced,” he explained.

In his remarks, JTI Corporate affairs and Communications Director said that the company ensures that its growers’ social welfare is well taken care of starting from the grassroots which are the schools.

He added the company is also encouraging transparent discussions between government and industry stakeholders to bring meaningful change for a competitive operating environment.