Malawians mourn Russell Chimbayo: The low budget SKC

Russell Chimbayo, the Low Budget SKC and Ghetto’s Finest, who had a wedding on 2nd October has died after a very short illness.

Chimbayo was a multimedia consultant and a writer who constantly provided brilliant  analyses on several issues on Facebook.

Malawians have taken to the social media site to express sadness over his death.

Chimbayo: Got married over the weekend

“There are people you have never met face to face, yet you feel you know them, that they are a part of you. You read their thoughts on Facebook, you like what they write, you follow their progress in life. Russell Chimbayo was one such person. He obtained his bachelor’s degree three months ago, got married three days ago, today he is no more. Life is just too unpredictable. Rest in peace, friend,” wrote Onjezani Kenani

Journalist James Chavula said: “A gentle soul has flown away. A life worth emulating has checked out just like that. A creative genius has fallen stiff. That glowing smile has ceased. A life well-lived gone to its maker. Ghetto’s finest. A fellow Gunner. A generous storyteller. A fellow multimedia consultant. Just married. Go ye well, Russell Chimbayo. Till death reunite us, I will cherish your wish to do a media gig with me. I wish it came true.”

While Laura Munthali said: “Waking up to the sad news Russell Chimbayo is no more. He was only and simply my FB friend and we clicked. We got along because he was a writer, reporter and I loved reading his analysis of the Malawian entertainment world. Barely two months ago we were celebrating his degree. He was so happy and so was I. A friend had just earned his Dg, it was a couple of days happiness acknowledging his hard work. Before we could even get over the excitement, he shared his wedding date ‘2 October 2021’… so yeah, he got married 3 days ago, and I was very happy for him. will miss him. Lala Kahle.”