Anti-DC demos in Rumphi to be held on Friday


Concerned residents and civil society organizations have organized demonstrations aimed at forcing the Ministry of Local Government to transfer the District Commissioner (DC) for Rumphi Fred Movete.

The protests are set to be conducted on Friday, 8th October 2021.

Speaking during a press briefing held in Mzuzu on Saturday, one of the leaders of the demonstrations Mervin Nxumayo who is Executive Director for Network for Capacity Building in Education Network (NECE) said all preparations have been finalized to force the removal of the DC.

The organization among others is expressing discontent with the performance of Rumphi District Council Executive Committee which it alleges to have contributed to the dwindling in standards of education in the District.

“We expected that by now the OPC and Ministry of Local Government would have already transferred Movete from the District. He has described Rumphi as miserable when he himself is in control of all development activities.

“On Friday we are conducting vigils in Rumphi until Movete resigns or is transferred,” Nxumayo said.

He added that what the organizers want is for the DC to be moved as soon as possible and someone who has the welfare of the district at heart to be put at the helm.

“Government has so many areas and departments where the DC can be moved to and they should do it fast before things get out of hand because the community is not happy for their district to be called miserable,” added Nxumayo.

Movete came under fire following remarks he made last week through a response to Rumphi West Member of Parliament who was inquiring about expenditure on development materials.

The DC in his response is quoted to have said “he would be happy to be posted away from Rumphi which is a miserable district.”

Meanwhile, in his response to the outrage after the controversial message, Movete said he was taken out of context and did not want to demean the district.