Van Damme agrees to fight ‘Manganya’


One of Hollywood’s celebrated action stars, Jean-Claude Van Damme has agreed to fight Middle Eastern comedian Mohamed Henedy.

Henedy challenged the Hollywood superstar in his comic works, in the past week. In his invitation, he attached some conditions which will arguably level the playing field.

“I’m still at my word..a match without a cage of Hill in Seal…on one condition..your two hands stay tied,” reads one of his challenging posts.

In his response to the invitation, the action star has nodded to the fight. However, it is not clear if he will abide by Mohamed’s conditions.

Henedy believes he will triumph over Jean Claude despite the latter enjoying a huge following in Egypt.

He said, “And all Egyptians will encourage the strongest, fiercest and most dangerous side and this is definitely not me. But I will win the prayers of Egyptians, the oil is available, and the best of God is a lot.”

Meanwhile, the Egyptian is preparing for the fight. However, the date for what could be one of the biggest entertainment events in the world is yet to be set.

Some people have warned the 56 year old against taking such a risk. Hence, they have advised the comic character to find excuses in an effort to avoid the fight.

“He will have to think of every excuse to give to avoid the fight and subsequent embarrassment that comes with loosing the fight,” said Anthony Koskei.

Mohamed Henedy is a renowned comedian in the middle east. He started his career in 1991, in short appearances in theatres and cinemas.