MCP MP accused of claiming ownership of church project

Member of Parliament for Dedza South, Ishmael Onani of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), has come under fire from the Catholic Church in Dedza for claiming the church’s project as his.

Zodiak Online reported that Onani produced 2021 calendar which has pictures of several projects in his constituency. The calendar also has a large picture of Onani and the words ‘Hon. Ishamel Onani’ below a collage of the projects.

Onani’s calendar

One of the projects on the calendar is Mwenje health centre which is being implemented by Chiphwanya Parish in Dedza.

Father Ephraim Peter Madeya of Chiphwanya Parish has expressed concern that Onani is claiming ownership of the project which is being constructed by the church.

Father Madeya described the conduct of the Parliamentarian as deceitful and disrespectful.

He added that after Onani was confronted by the church over the issue, the Parliamentarian “threatened to deal” with the priest.

On his part, Onani denied issuing treats to the priest. He also defended the inclusion of the church project on his calendar saying the calendar is showing projects being implemented in his constituency.


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