Lhomwes, Maseko Ngonis share common love for women, says Mulli

Mulhako wa Alhomwe board chairperson Leston Mulli says the Lhomwes and Maseko Ngonis share a common love for women, beer and food.

He was speaking at Chonde in Mulanje when Lilongwe based Maseko Ngonis, who are originally from Mwanza, Mchinji and Ntcheu visited Chonde.

The visit came as the Lhomwes are preparing for the Mulhako wa Alhomwe which will be held on October 10 this year.

Mulli said Ngonis and Lhomwes are one people as evidenced by marriages between people from the two tribes.

“Even beyond the intermarriages, we share a lot in common such as our love for beer, women and food,” Mulli was quoted as saying by the Nation Newspaper.

During the visit, the hosts displayed sex enhancement products such as Gondolosi and gave their visitors beers. They also danced Manganje and Tsopa. On their part, the visitors danced Ingoma.

Lhomwe acting Paramount Chief Senior Chief Kaduya said they are ready to welcome visitors from across Malawi during the Mulhako wa Alhomwe cultural event next month.




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  1. Mulli has little knowledge of Lhomwe tribe, that is why he always talk about women, charms and beer. I fear this will mislead the upcoming Lhomwe generations as they will stick to these foolish things leaving their real culture. Give him(Mulli) books of Lhomwe history to read so that he may open his eyes and see the amazing Lhomwe culture beyond what he always talks about.

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