Keturah dates Agide


Singer Keturah and 91-year-old music legend Giddes Chalamanda have been featured on a song by German music and video producer LMNZ.

The song, “Leave No One Behind”, supports GIZ Malawi in its awareness-raising campaign for “Action against COVID-19“.

It calls for international solidarity in the global pandemic and takes a clear stand against conspiracy theories surrounding the pandemic. The song also encourages people to get vaccinated for COVID-19.


Other Malawian artists featured include Faith Mussa, Esther Chitheka Lewis and Esau Mwamwaya (member of the group “The Very Best”).

From the German side MAL ÉLEVÉ, Sera Kalo, Sebastian Sturm and LMNZ himself are joining them on the microphone.

The lyrics are written in Chichewa, English and German.

LMNZ has been known for his mammoth international projects since the release of his 2010 record “Worldwide Rap”. On the album, he brought together 76 artists who rap and sing in 29 languages.



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