Two family members die after eating poisonous food


Two family members have died in Mzimba while 10 others have been admitted to Mzimba district hospital after eating poisonous food and drinking poisonous Thobwa at Mtasuka Village in the area of Traditional Authority (TA) Chindi.

Mzimba Police Deputy Spokesperson, Sub Inspector, John Nyirongo, said yesterday that Willie Mwanza, 22, and Jessie Mwanza, 15, died after eating African cake (Chikondamoyo) and drinking sweet African beverage (Thobwa).

According to Nyirongo, on Wednesday members of Nkunika family at Moses Nkunika Village where Willie got married paid a visit to the family of Mwanza (asewere).

The visitors brought food like sweet African beer, African cake and maize flour.

“After eating the food later in the evening some members started complaining of abdominal pains but they never reported for medical attention,” he explained.

“On Friday those who were sick were taken to Kamteteka Health Centre but unfortunately Jessie died on the way, while Willie died the same Friday while receiving treatment at around 3 pm.”

According to Nyirongo, death was due to eating poisonous food.

He added that 10 other members were taken before Mzimba District Hospital and their condition is fair.

Willie and Jessie Mwanza hailed from Mtasuka village in TA Chindi in Mzimba district.