Not Hyphen, I am the Malawian rap goat: Gwamba contradicts himself


Hip hop artist Gwamba has said he is the greatest Malawian rapper of all time, a few months after labelling Hyphen (formerly known as Young Kay) as a befitting musician for that tittle.

In a Facebook post made last night, the capital city-based rapper promoted himself.

“Greatest Malawian rapper of all time is tired, it’s time to go to bed.”

This, has sparked a mixed reaction from his followers. Others believe he is indeed the country`s best ever rapper while another think otherwise.

“You indeed came, saw and conquered, we can`t talk of Malawian rap music without your signature in it salute,” said Tamika

Peter Mapunde concurs with Tamika, he commented, “Its sounds like a lie but this is the whole truth.”

But another Facebook user Jeremiah Coolest kid is of the view that there are other rappers better than Gwamba in Malawi.

“Where do you get the energy to rank yourself above Hayze Engola?” asks Jeremiah.

Before elevating himself to the goat rank, Gwamba used to only consider himself to be the best Chichewa rapper.