Chikwawa police warn communities over poaching

Amid rising incidences of wildlife poaching, police in Chikwawa have seriously cautioned communities living near wildlife reserves against being involved in the vice saying all those found shall be prosecuted.

The warning follows the arrest of Elia Jofeni, 39, for allegedly killing a listed sable antelope in Majete Game Reserve.

The development also comes barely a month after another suspect Yohani Getsi was arrested for being found in possession of a live pangolin which he was offering for sale around Nchalo Trading Center.

Speaking during an interview, Chikwawa police spokesperson Sergeant Dickison Matemba said killing wildlife species is a serious offence in the country’s laws punishable by huge fines or a harsh custodial sentence hence the public should desist from the malpractice.

“Of late we have seen a rise in wildlife poaching incidences in the district. As law enforcers we are on the ground to ensure that all the perpetrators are brought to book”, said Matemba.

Authorities from the Department of Parks and wildlife have also bemoaned rising cases of wildlife crimes in the country’s protected areas saying the crimes have contributed to loss of revenue in the country’s major reserves.

Chikwawa District has Lengwe National Park and Majete Game reserve as its major protected areas


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