Twins4 Christ makes debut collabo with Kapitapita


As one way of bringing a different touch in their music, Lilongwe based gospel duo of Mphatso and Chifundo called Twins4 Christ have made their first collaboration song titled Angathe featuring Dunstan Kapitapita.

Produced by Wilson Kalanga at Winko records in Lilongwe, Angathe is a song encouraging Christians to keep trusting God in all the situations as He never forsake His people and He answers prayers.

Videographer Precious Chikatiko has also done justice to the video of the song as it has been produced with utmost skill and commitment.

Speaking in an interview, Mphatso Dumba said the duo believes that making collaboration with another artist can be an awesome boost of exposure.

“Working together is like combining efforts for a common goal of reaching out to many people with the gospel, and it is also one way of expanding the fan base considering that people have different likes.

“Those who like our songs will also be able to listen to Dunstan and those who like Dunstan Kapitapita’s music will be able to listen to us as well, in so doing we are taking our ministries to the greater number of people,” he said.

Dumba added that: “We have agreed to record three songs with Dunstan. He is very talented and his voice is amazing. He is a material that Malawi cannot afford to waste, this is just a beginning and Malawians should expect more good songs from us.”

In a separate interview, Kapitapita said he accepted to get featured in the song because despite being friends, Twins4 Christ is also a gospel duo that inspires him in as far as music in concerned.

‘’I also believe in team work, working with this duo is an opportunity for me to tap into their fan base, my music will get exposed to new people; people who have a predisposition to like their music and those who like my music will also have the chance to taste their music, so yeah, we are all benefiting,” he said.

Kapitapita said he is also cooking something for Malawians but he will come out later for official announcement.